How to Make Your MacBook More Beautiful With the help of a few simple steps

If you’ve ever gone to install a new Mac, you know just how fussy it can be at times. Sometimes the installer crashes; other times it doesn’t come back up after rebooting. Sometimes nothing happens — your mac just sits there with an error message that says “This PC doesn’t support this mode of operation. Try installing another software package or restarting again.” That’s because Apple has made the macOS installation experience even more difficult than it already was. The company has introduced numerous arcane restrictions in order to keep users from tampering with system files, including encryption , signing apps, and customizing the look and feel of the operating system . In some cases, these are reasonable restrictions: If you don’t want to use something because it makes your computer slower , for example, that’s one thing — but locking out people who want to use custom software packages is another matter entirely. If you don’t mind cutting some corners and installing software that isn’t exactly reputable then why not embrace your Mac nerd side? Here are 5 ways that making macOS a little more attractive will make your everyday computing experience a lot easier.

Choose a colorful theme in macOS
If you want your macOS to look more like the United States, or like a post-apocalyptic world, then you’re in luck. Apple has an expansive collection of available national and ethnic themes that can be applied to every system. If you want a certain type of hardware to look more like an iPhone, then you can select that type and saturation in the system theme chooser. If you’re a visual person and enjoy looking at photos as much as reading texts, then there are plenty of visual themes to choose from.

Open the vernacular of your people from around the world
When it comes to cultural elements, you can choose your system’s regional or national culture. If you’re on the East Coast, say, then you can choose the accent and slang that locals use. If you’re in the middle of nowhere, you can choose a local dialect. There are even national months and days, as well as games and apps that celebrate various holidays, that can be selected in the global preferences. There are endless possibilities.

Go beyond the standard system font in macOS Sierra
A few years back, all Macs came with a standard system font. Since then, the font has evolved, and now a fresh new font is used for almost all system interfaces. In macOS Sierra, you can activate a new font called “California” to show off the state’s unique culture. You can also select different font sizes and types in the global preferences for the most welcomed change of pace.

Turn off auto-refresh in macOS Sierra
Some people find the option to automatically refresh the system interface a little too convenient. The option can be selected in the global preferences to automatically turn off, but then you have to manually select yes to start the refresh. This can be a little tedious, and there’s no reason to delay system updates.

Customize every single application in macOS Sierra
Unfortunately, customizing the look and feel of a operating system doesn’t come naturally to everyone. If you’re a stickler for details, then you may want to look into installing third-party software via Software Update so you can tweak the look and feel of every single app. This includes customizing the wallpaper, icon, and any other aspect of the overall look and feel of the software.

You can even install third-party software via Software Update
One of the best things about Macs is that you can always update them via Software Update. This automatically downloads and installs any new version of software as soon as it’s available. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case with every Mac. In some cases, you have to manually select Software Update to install the software — or worse, you can’t access Software Update at all. Fortunately, this is a rare occurrence, and most machines come with an update script that you can use to download and install updates.

Making sure your computer looks and feels great is important, but sometimes you have to put the effort in yourself. Here are five ways to make macOS more attractive, without having to do any extra work. For starters, choose a colorful theme in macOS. Then, open the vernacular of your people from around the world. Next, go beyond the standard system font in macOS Sierra and turn off auto-refresh. Finally, customize every single application in macOS Sierra with the available options and celebrations.