The Worst Fast Food Menu Items and How to Avoid Them

Do you ever wonder why certain fast food chains have such disgusting and unappealing menu items? The answer is, it’s probably because their customers don’t share the same taste buds. These are some of the most revolting fast food menu items and how to avoid them. I don’t know about you, but when I’m hungry I like to look forward to going to a good restaurant and ordering something delicious to eat. That’s exactly what made having a bad experience at one of these establishments horrifying. You see, sometimes we just don’t know what we are getting into when we go to a new restaurant or order something on the Internet for the first time. If you’re still reading, then perhaps you’re one of those people who believes that even though everything seems to be available online nowadays, old-fashioned local fast food restaurants have been left out. Well, I’m sorry to say that you’re absolutely right. So many online burger places and fried chicken spots have created unappealing menu items that it’s almost impossible not to choose the bad ones over the good ones.

What Is the Worst Fast Food Menu Item?
The worst fast food menu items are probably the Bacon, Egg and Cheese (B.U.F.F.) sandwich, the McDonald’s McChicken Sandwich, the Cheeseburger with Hashbrowns, the Fish and Chips, the Burrito with Shrimp and Enchiladas, and the TACO STYLE MEATBALLS WITH SALSA AND SPANISH PEPPERS. To be fair, some of these items might not be the most appetizing to look at, but they sure are stomach-churning when you try them. The B.U.F.F. sandwich consists of two slices of bread filled with egg, cheese and bacon. Sounds pretty appetizing doesn’t it? Well, not for those with a stomach that could use a breaking. The B.U.F.F. sandwich is actually one of the most common fast food sandwiches in America and it’s served at places like gas stations, fast food chains and even some supermarkets. But this sandwich’s not what it seems. First of all, don’t ever let your hunger tell you what to order. You are probably much healthier and leaner eating a small sandwich than having a B.U.F.F. Bacon, egg and cheese sounds yummy in theory, but when it’s combined it makes for one extremely messy sandwich that is almost impossible to eat. The other ingredients – like the mayo and ketchup – have to go somewhere so you have to decide whether you want them on your egg or on the sandwich itself. There’s just no way around it. You’re probably better off ordering a Big Mac or a McDouble.

B.U.F.F (Bacon, Egg and Cheese) Sandwich
This sandwich is one of the worst fast food items ever invented. It consists of two pieces of bread, a thick slice of bacon and one egg. In theory, this could be very yummy, but the thing that ruins it is the mess. You have to eat the bacon and egg separately because there’s no way to eat them together without making a mess. The egg probably won’t slide down the beard of the bacon if you tried to eat them together. If you don’t mind making a mess, you can always have it on a bagel.

McDonald’s McChicken Sandwich
The McChicken sandwich is a case of mistaken identity. It’s really not a chicken sandwich at all but a McChicken, a McRib and a sandwich. That’s right, you can get this sandwich at McDonald’s and not realize it. You won’t even know it’s there because the fried chicken on the sandwich looks and tastes exactly like the real thing. The McRib is a barbecue pork sandwich that is also very common at McDonald’s. However, the McChicken is actually its national version.

Cheeseburger with Hashbrowns
A hash brown is a type of potato that is baked, not fried, then eaten with meals that contain egg. Hash browns are commonly used as an ingredient in American breakfasts and dinners. They are also available at fast food joints. Many people don’t know this about the cheeseburger but the cheese on the burger doesn’t go on the sandwich but on the hash brown that is put on the plate with the sandwich. The hash brown is then topped with mayo and pickles which is probably why people think it’s a chicken sandwich.

Fish and Chips
This is another sandwich that is likely to make you sick. The fish and chips sandwich consists of deep-fried fish, chips and a vinegar-based sauce. Not only is the fish in this sandwich very unhealthy (and potentially harmful to your health) but the batter that is used to deep-fry the fish is also unhealthy. The type of batter used to deep-fry the fish is likely to be high in fat and calories. The chips are also likely to be high in salt and fat as well. You are probably better off eating a baked potato or a salad with this sandwich.

Burrito with Shrimp and Enchiladas
This is another one of the sandwiches that might make you feel queasy. The Burrito with Shrimp and Enchiladas has three ingredients: Shrimp, enchilada sauce, and cheese. If you could somehow remove the cheese from the equation, you would probably be better off. And by “better off”, I mean “stomach churning.” Shrimp is also known to contain high levels of mercury, so eating too many of them can have harmful effects on your health. And lastly, the enchilada sauce is also likely to be full of preservatives and sodium, which means that you are probably doing yourself a big disservice by including this item in your order.

These are Mexican-style meatballs made with vegetables and spices. They are usually served with salsa and chips, but you can order them without the salsa if you want. This is one of the few sandwiches that is served cold. If you want to make this sandwich even more unhealthy, you can add refried beans, cheese and sour cream to it.

Baked Sweet Potato with Sausage and Eggs
This is one of the most unappealing fast food items ever created. Sweet potato is not a good source of vitamins or minerals and has very low nutritional value. It is also very high in calories and fat. No one should ever eat this sandwich regardless of whether they are hungry or not. The only thing that sweet potato is good for is being roasted and eaten as an ingredient in a savory dish.

Bottom line
A bad meal can be more than just a bad meal. It can also turn into a very long and uncomfortable experience for the person experiencing it. It’s important to choose your spots carefully and make sure that you go to places where the food is good and the service is great. If you do, you will definitely feel much better after your meal and your day will be much easier.