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(3) Moments Selena Gomez Revealed About Struggling With Depression

There are many people out there that suffer from depression, and Selena Gomez is no exception. In a recent interview with People, Selena opened up about her experiences with the illness and how it has impacted her life. Here are three key moments from the interview that reveal a lot about Selena’s struggles with depression:

1) When she was 14 years old, Selena was diagnosed with depression after filming “The Time of Our Lives” music video.
2) Selena says that she suffered from major anxiety before she was Diagnosed with Depression, which made her depression even worse.
3) Selena credits therapy and medication for helping her get through her rough times with depression.

Selena Gomez Shares How Depression Affected Her Early Years

In a candid interview with “Elle” magazine, Selena Gomez opened up about her struggles with depression and how it affected her early years.

“I was really struggling with depression during my teenage years and I didn’t really know how to deal with it,” Gomez said. “It was something that I just kind of kept to myself. I didn’t want people to know because it made me feel so ashamed.”

Gomez said that she finally sought help after experiencing an intense bout of depression in her early 20s. She credits her music career and close relationships with supportive friends for helping her through the tough times.

“I am so grateful for the people in my life who have been there for me through everything,” Gomez said. “They’ve always been there for me when things get tough.”

Selena Gomez’s candid interview is a powerful reminder that everyone experiences depression at some point in their life. Her story provides hope to those who are struggling and shows that it is possible to overcome the stigma associated with mental health issues.

Gomez Talks About How Therapy Helped her Get Through Difficult Times

Selena Gomez has opened up about her struggles with depression in an interview with “People”.

Gomez says that therapy was a big part of helping her get through difficult times.

“I would definitely say that [therapy] was huge for me, because it allowed me to be open and vocal about my feelings and my experiences,” she said. “It’s something I still do now, if something is bothering me.”

Gomez also credits her family and friends for their support during those tough times.

“My team was so supportive,” she said. “They were there for me no matter what.”

Gomez’s openness about her mental health is important, as it shows that there is still a lot of stigma around depression. Hopefully, her story can help others who are struggling to get through their own difficult times.

Selena Gomez Reveals She’s Battling Depression Again

Selena Gomez has been candid about her struggles with depression in the past. Recently, she opened up about another depression battle during an interview with The Guardian.

Gomez said that she was struggling again with her mental health and felt like she was “trying to be someone [she] wasn’t.” She added that it wasn’t easy to deal with her demons and thanked her fans for supporting her during this time.

Gomez is not the only celebrity to struggle with depression. Many people battles depression at some point in their lives, but it’s important to talk about it so that others know they’re not alone. It’s also important to remember that there is help available, even if you don’t feel like you can see it at the moment.

Gomez Shares How Her Relationship With Justin Bieber Helped Her Recover

In an emotional interview with “Glamour” magazine, Selena Gomez opened up about her struggles with depression.

Gomez said that her relationship with Justin Bieber helped her recover. The two had been dating at the time, and Gomez credits their relationship for helping her to get through some difficult times.

“He was there for me when I didn’t think anyone was there,” Gomez said. “He would text me in the middle of the night and tell me he loved me and that he was sorry.”

Gomez’s candid interview is a powerful reminder that mental health is not a taboo topic. Many people Struggle with depression and anxiety, but it’s important to talk about it and seek help.